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More Than Mindset

Jul 25, 2023

Does the concept of self-healing extend beyond the physical? Imagine a world where we could not only mend our bodies but also heal our wealth and relationships.

In this engaging conversation, we reorient perceptions, shift beliefs, and shape a healthier, confident, and empowered version of you.

We'll shed light on this...

Jul 18, 2023

Over the past several months I've been sharing in real-time the new identity that I've stepped into, and my quest for self-mastery and discovery. I'm on a mission to bring other like-minded women along for the ride with me. Is that you?

In this episode, you'll learn about my evolution and the challenges that have come...

Jul 11, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fully embrace and accept yourself, without the need to control or manipulate others? In this transformative episode, we will explore the power of enlightened selfishness, taking personal responsibility, and surrendering the self.

A fascinating dive into my personal...

Jul 4, 2023

What if the stories you hold onto are the very things keeping you stuck? Join me in this episode, as I unravel the connection between resistance, response, and our overall health. 

Together, we'll dissect how the past narratives we cling to often become a roadblock, preventing us from pushing forward.

Drawing from...