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More Than Mindset

Nov 30, 2021

Tune in this week to go beyond the mindset model and create better health, wealth, and relationships. We’re discussing why mindset doesn’t always work, and how to incorporate something new into how you help your clients in their self-healing.


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Nov 23, 2021

I’ve got a short but powerful episode for you this week. Tune in to discover the power and abundance that lives in your individuality. I’m showing you how to quit trying to look for and be what you’re not, so you can live in full authenticity and self-acceptance, and experience the deep healing that lives in...

Nov 16, 2021

I'm sharing the story of how I created The PUNCH-LINE Approach, and how you can integrate this process into your own healing, as well as the work you do with your clients. I’m outlining how this approach intersects with the Law of Attraction, Human Design, and so many more amazing modalities that will transform the...

Nov 9, 2021

Discover the power of healing by integrating the MindBody connection. Jackie is sharing the transformations she’s seen in her clients as she’s adapted her healing process, and what changes when we can drop out of our mind, into our body, and really access the truth.



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Nov 2, 2021

Tune in this week to discover what’s going on in your brain and body when you find yourself negotiating when you could be elevating and moving forward. I’m sharing how to start feeling comfortable and secure in your growth, and how to embrace elevation and leave negotiation in the past.



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