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More Than Mindset

Oct 25, 2019

Today, we’re getting to the bottom of the mystery of what makes growth so hard and why it is important to work through the uncomfortable feeling and not give up on self-improvement. It takes a lot of discipline and self-regulation to know when to push the envelope and when to slow down. By recognizing that you are...

Oct 18, 2019

Today, we’re talking about accepting that shame and being able to sit in it just long enough to understand it and then moving on from it. I want to share an amazing practice exercise that will let you acknowledge your shame and motivate you to overcome it.

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Oct 11, 2019

Today, I want to share the secret to managing your emotions and the importance of regulating your reactions. By remaining more in control and composed, we can be more confident and are more capable of staying on track for our goals. Regulating allows us to avoid the trap of imposter syndrome and maintain a clear head...

Oct 4, 2019

Today, we are talking about the flaw in the law of attraction and how our brain protects us from perceived dangers. By deconditioning ourselves of the limiting beliefs, we can start to try the things that will allow us to be happier and more fulfilled in our lives. I want to share some of the inner work that you need to...